Snow Challenge hits home!

A couple hours ago, while watching the evening news there was a story of a girl just a few miles away from me who did the snow challenge.  If you aren’t sure what that is, you dive into the snow and role around (sometimes in a bathing suit, sometimes not) 

The girl is a freshman in high school, with a sweet personality.  I do not know this girl, but I do know of her…Anyways, she was doing the “snow challenge” her C5 vertebrae was broken instantly, and her family and doctor are unsure if she will ever be able to walk again.  She’s currently in ICU, but showing some improvement. 

Hearing about this story really touched me.  So many people that I know, even my own brother have done the snow challenge, and at any moment this could’ve been them in the hospital instead of the girl.  Please please please, think things through before doing them.  This girl has lost her future now, for what? a couple likes on facebook? 

The snow challenge isn’t the only challenge on social media, there’s been tons…what’s more important, facebook likes, or having the future of your dreams?  I pray for her family, and for people who take part in such activities. 

I think the stuck out the most to be because everything we do in life could go wrong.  Even down to the littlest thing.  If we don’t study for a test, we will fail as big as If we drive too fast, we could have an accident.  We don’t stop and think about it in the moment, and we probably won’t until something like this happens forcing us to open our eyes and see the bigger picture of things. 


My weekend!

I’ve not posted in a couple days, because, honestly I can’t think of anything to say…so, I guess this post will be about my weekend. I was very busy all weekend, some stuff pertaining to Zach and I so I guess this will be a relevant post? 🙂

Saturday morning, I woke up very early because Zach and I had premarital counseling at 10AM.  Sometimes I dread going, but this time I really enjoyed myself.  We covered a lot of good points, so it wasn’t a waste of time at all, I believe this session was very beneficial to our relationship.  Zach and I hadn’t originally planned on doing counseling.  The man who is marrying us wants every couple to go through it.  So we agreed, during the first session we were given a website to take a survey on.  It pointed out every problem area Zach and I had, and surprisingly it was all correct.  Since the survey we have done things on our own to improve our relationship, along with the counselors ideas and suggestions.

But anyways, we did that Saturday morning, then we went out for dinner Saturday evening.  We went to a place called “The Rainbow”  We had never ate there, but a lot of our friends told us about the good food, so we decided to try it for ourselves. Zach got a Philly cheese steak, and I got some roast beef (Big food difference, I know haha!) The food was amazing! 90% of the time I never eat everything on my plate, but yesterday…I did! I could not get over how good everything was!  If you’re ever in Virginia  I would recommend eating there!  We loved it and will definitely be going back! 

After we finished dinner we stopped at Wal-Mart to do some shopping. (Zach says I can’t go past a wal-mart without stopping! lol) While picking up random things I knew we needed, Zach surprised me with a keurig.  I was so excited, I have always wanted one, just never bought one..

Sunday will be a lazy study day for us!  Zach has finals, and I have a paper to write, so not much is happening today!  On the bright side of that I got an amazing cup of French vanilla cappuccino this morning, and we have some more snow coming! (Possible snow day for tomorrow?) So, this was my weekend, I hope everyone else had a good weekend also!!  

The Newly Weds Game!

Yesterday, Zach and I went to a sweethearts Dinner.  Tons of couples (all different ages) came, and someone mentioned we should play the newly weds game…I got a little nervous, because most of the people there had been married for several years, & Zach and I aren’t even married yet! So the women and men went into to separate rooms, and the questions began!

Most of the questions were simples things that Zach and I knew about each other, for example, favorite place to eat, biggest pet peeve., etc.  Then the hard ones came, I don’t remember these questions, I just know I had a difficult time answering them.

The question that stuck out the most was “What was your wife wearing on your first date?”  Most everyone missed this one, but an older  couple that had been married for 47 years got that question right.  I thought this was so sweet, that he still remembers what she was wearing on that day.  Zach hardly remembers what I wore a week ago LOL!  They were such a cute couple, I could feel the love between them myself!  It was just such a great feeling to see love like that still very much alive!

   I really hope that Zach and I have that kind of love after 47 years of marriage.   Of course, Zach and I didn’t win the game, but I got to experience love that you really only read about on the internet, and that was a better gift than any prize in the room!  Maybe its true, the best gifts in life come free? I kept thinking about all the sacrifices they’ve had to make, to stay married that long.  So many people today throw their marriage away over little things. It made me realize that you have to think about what’s most important, winning an argument, or your marriage.  I can think of so many times that all I cared about was being right, never once did I think about loosing Zach.  But from now on during a fight I will ask myself that question.  And my answer from be my marriage every time! ♥


5 things you should never say to a Bride-to-Be


Oh my, this list could truly go on for days. As a Bride-to-be, I have heard all of these and I know just how much it…well…to be blunt, sucks. In the defense of those that have said these things to me and perhaps even you, I’m sure they meant well and I’m sure they didn’t pre-meditate what they said to be a bit rude. So, for the sake of those who truly may not know what they are saying or could say, could come off as such, here are 5 (only some) of the things you should never say to a bride-to-be, and I mean never, even if you mean well.

1.) “You’re not getting married in a church?”

Most of the time, this is said to you after you tell them where you plan on having your wedding. Part of you just wants to say, “No, I don’t think…

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Valentines Weekend!

As every one knows, Friday was Valentines Day….the most romantic day of the year! Unfortunately, because of the freak snow storm my fiancé and I didn’t get to celebrate. I spent Friday helping my friend at her flower shop & Zach had class. We didn’t see each other until Friday evening, when he showed up with candy & a card. we really just say around and watched it snow. I was bummed that we didn’t get to go out, but I did enjoy having a quiet evening at home.

When Saturday came, we were going to go out to eat, but once again, it snowed! So we were stuck inside watching movies….BORING!

Finally, on Sunday we were able to actually celebrate Valentines Day properly! First we went to the mall and shopped for a while. Zach bought me a new outfit, & a belly ring. Then we went to my favorite place to eat, the Japanese Steak House. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. I love my Valentine.

I hope everyone else had a great Valentines Day. ❤️

How we started

My fiance and I have been together for 3 years and 3 months. We are completely in love and can’t wait to be married. We have a weird story of how it all began though!

Zach used to be my math tutor when I was in the 6th grade. That’s when I first met him. I thought he was so cute. Everyday when I would get home I’d tell my grandma how much I liked him. But, him being 4 years older than me she never payed any attention to it.

I didn’t see Zach for a couple years after that until we were at the homecoming dance in September of 2010. As soon as he saw me he asked if I wanted to dance. At first I told him no, because he wasn’t really my type but after him asking countless times, I finally agreed…What could a meaningless dance hurt?

We danced and then the night was over.  We both went back to not speaking, and like I said before, it was like nothing ever happened.

In November I started having some trouble in Algebra…Nothing major, just little issues.  My grandma decides to call Zach to ask him if I could come over for some tutoring.  My   best friend was with me, and she told me that this was my chance to finally be with him.  I rolled my eyes at the thought, but I let her curl my hair and do my make up anyways.

When I arrived we got straight to the math problems.  At this point I couldn’t think of anything but him, and how much I wanted a relationship with him.  It was like the feelings hit me all at once…I used to think he was cute, but a real relationship with him had my mind spinning.  When my Grandma came to pick me up, Zach gave her his email so she could send him a recipe of his favorite cake she made for his graduation dinner. I decided to take to email and email him myself.

I contemplated it for a could days….Hes in college, hes probably got a girlfriend, why would he want a freshman in high school..I had all these thoughts going through my head, but finally I decided to give it a shot..whats the worst that could happen, he could say he didn’t like me and I’d have to find a new math tutor?

I sent the email saying, “Hey, whats up? :)” It took him a could hours but he finally sent  message saying “Hey, send me a message on my instant messenger” So I did and we talked for a couple weeks.  Zach was worried about the age difference so he was a little weird  at first..He asked me to go to my Christmas dance at the high school.  So I said yes.

I was so excited, he hadn’t told me that he liked me yet, but just by asking me to the dance made me so happy.  I had dated other guys, but I had never felt like that in my entire life, it was a completely new feeling to me.

Finally, it was the day of the dance.  I woke up early to go and get my hair done, but it began to snow.  Unfortunately the dance was cancelled 😦  I sent him a text message letting him know that we couldn’t go today because it was cancelled. All he said was “k.”  I was a bit confused, but didn’t put much thought into it.  We didn’t talk the rest of the day.

The next morning, on Sunday he showed up at my house with roses.  I was so embarrassed because I had just got up, and look awful.  He gave me the roses, and told me that he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend after the dance, but it didn’t work out like that so he was going to ask me now.  I was shocked though it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done.

We’ve been together ever since, going strong….I’m so blessed to have met such an amazing guy…I couldn’t be any happier with the man of my dreams…I truly believe it was meant to be! ♥